Accompagnement à la naissance

Accompaniment at birth

The Birth Companion is a trusted person who is present in unconditional support for the pregnant woman, the father and the baby during the birth.

She is present during pregnancy, if necessary during delivery and in the post-natal period for a respectful support of each person.

She is non-judgmental and accompanies the parents emotionally and physiologically in this essential and precious moment of welcoming a new life.

She considers the baby to be a full-fledged person. She can also be present to prepare the siblings.

She makes sure to meet the needs of each member of the family with openness, respect and expertise.

The companion will take the time to answer the couple's questions during pregnancy and provide information to enable the parents to make informed choices.

She passes on all the necessary tools to the parents so that they can meet their baby with pleasure and welcome him/her in complete intimacy and autonomy.

She will personalize her accompaniment thanks to psycho-corporal approaches adapted to their needs.

She works in a complementary manner with the medical team and/or midwives for a conscious, enlightened, comfortable and healthy birth.

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