Asma Mokrane, M.P.A.

Audiologist, Member of the Ordre des orthophonistes et audiologistes du Québec


Audiologist Asma Mokrane M.P.A. graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2012 after completing a bachelor's degree and a professional master's degree in audiology. Her master's research project focused on the influence of auditory imaging on oculomotor movements.

She has been practicing audiology, mainly in private practice, for more than 5 years. Being passionate about her work, she likes to diversify the services she offers. Over the past few years, she has offered adult and pediatric hearing assessment services, hearing screening for newborns and evaluation of central hearing disorders. She also specializes in the evaluation of pediatric clients and clients with vertigo and balance problems. By participating annually in various training sessions, she ensures that she is always updating her knowledge to benefit her patients.

The professional is recognized for her qualified and personalized evaluations. She listens to her patients and responds as best as possible to their specific needs. Her mission is to improve their quality of life on a daily basis. 

Mrs. Mokrane enjoys working with clients of all ages. She offers her services at the clinic and also travels to their homes. In addition, she can receive her patients in both French and English.