Benoit Champagne, D.O. (Qc)

Benoit Champagne is a professor at the CEOM, lecturer and teaches post-graduate courses (Montreal International Osteopathy Symposium, 2015-16-17, and Germany, 2018).  He worked for 8 years at the Camirand-Muzzi Clinic. He now practices at ICI and at his clinic in Mascouche. Always passionate about research, he is the director of trials, work of bachelors in osteopathic science who wish to obtain their D.O. title.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy from the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (2009), endorsed by the University of Wales (UK).


In 2011, he completed his thesis, a clinical research, on the "global osteopathic approach to the brain-intestine axis in people with a generalized anxiety disorder". He was awarded the W.G. Sutherland Prize (2011) given to the thesis that most advanced osteopathy. Since then, he has continued to develop his practice in order to clarify the osteopathic approach to the brain-intestine axis.

He has been practicing osteopathy on babies for a long time and practices in collaboration with Mrs. Denise Dufresne D.O. who has more than 35 years of experience with babies. His thesis allowed him to approach a clientele suffering from anxiety, digestive disorders, migraine and back pain.


He follows several post-graduate training courses given by renowned osteopaths such as:

The osteopathic approach of the cranio-vertebro-sacral axis adapted to each age group and each condition with Stephen Pirie D.O. (GB), Clive Standen D.O. (NZ) and Gérald Lamb D.O. (England).

The osteopathic approach to the nervous system and the dynamics of the brain with Philippe Druelle, D.O. (Qc), and Geneviève Forget, D.O. (Qc).

Glandular and nervous dysfunctions and the somato-emotional approach: Nathalie Camirand and Dino Muzzi.

The osteopathic approach to the para-limbic, limbic and autonomic nervous system by Dr. Paul Lee (USA).


He is a member of Osteopathy Quebec.