Émilie Hamel

She is a mother of three little boys above all else. Passionate about perinatally and parenting, she places an essential value on relationship of help and the development of each member of the family. She accompanies each woman and each partner in an open-minded, calm and warm-hearted manner according to their rhythm and needs so that they are able to live the beautiful experience of motherhood and parenthood with benevolence and in a way that matches them.

She is the founder of the accompaniment service "Les mères-veilleuses" for women and parents at all stages of their lives, a certified birth companion from La source en soi, and a professional coach certified in NLP by the CQPNL. Albertine provides emotional, physical and informational support to parents to enable them to make the birth of their child a positive experience, and to ensure that the parent-child relationship becomes a joyful experience.

She is a massotherapist specialized in the relaxation of pregnant women, children and newborns, and is a graduate of the Academy of scientific Massage Therapy in Montreal as well as a naturopath specializing in the accompaniment of pregnant women and families. As a graduate of the Institut de Naturopathie du Québec, she specializes in:

For the accompaniment at birth:

- Pain management (massages, hypnosis, visualization, breathing)

- Maintenance of vitality (diet, exercise, sleep management)

- Management of fears related to motherhood and parenthood

- Installation of emotional security

For personal and family coaching:

- Emotional and anger management

- Management of routines (sleep, meals, going back to daycare/kindergarten)

- Child's relationship to food

- Sleep management in children (falling asleep, naps, etc.)

- Management of sibling relationships, arrival of a new baby

One of her strengths is her ability to listen.


Her values for magic at work:

Love: the basis of every relationship, to be cultivated for oneself so that it can be transmitted with kindness and integrity. The mother-to-be and her partner choose their companion with their heart on the basis of trust and based on the specialties she offers.

Balance: any relationship must be balanced to ensure the fulfillment of the couple as well as siblings and family, with respect for oneself and the other.

Freedom: the birthing process belongs to each woman, and the family dynamic belongs to every family. I respect your choices (natural and/or medicalized environment) and I accompany them with benevolence.