Eve-Laure Thouillot D.O

It was after 5 years of studies that Eve Laure graduated from the HOLISTEA school, a renowned French osteopathic school. Eve Laure has been practicing osteopathy exclusively for 10 years now. All these years of experience in 2 different paramedical practices have enabled her to assert her expertise and her osteopathic skills that it is important for her to transmit and share.


Eager to continue to train regularly, Eve Laure has participated in many post graduate training:

- Conference / training: the nursing-patient relationship, finding the right communication by Ms. Géraldine Censullo, responsible for educational design-center for continuing education for health professionals. (France)

- Internship in biodynamic osteopathy with Ms. Véronique Everarts, osteopath DO (France)

- Baby osteopathic training: osteopathic approach to babies with Ms. Dany Heintz- Blondy, osteopath DO and Mr. Eric Simon, osteopath DO (France)

- 4 Internships in biodynamic osteopathy with Mr. Michael Illouz, Osteopath DO and director and educational manager of ITSEM (institute for somato-emotional therapies) (France)

- 3 internships: osteopathy according to Anne Wales M.Walter Witryol, doctor and osteopath DO, teacher at the American Cranial academy (France)


Thus, having a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, Eve laure will perceive your tensions and imbalances thanks to a precise and meticulous palpation both for the treatment of your symptoms and in the improvement of your state of health.

Eve Laure is also used to work in collaboration with other health professionals, and thus developing her team spirit and her intra and inter-professional communication, for optimal care within the most appropriate care required by each person.


Eve Laure's osteopathic practice is gentle and she will be happy to put her skills and her active and benevolent listening at your service.