François Delbecq, Pht

François Delbecq, Pht, holds a Master's degree in Physical Therapy acquired after a 4-year training course in Brussels, Belgium. After working in France in the field of post-traumatic rehabilitation for adults, he moved to Quebec where he completed 16 months of equivalency training at the University of Montreal, allowing him to obtain the title of a physiotherapist.


Because of his training and experience, his practice is mainly oriented towards the treatment of musculoskeletal problems (articular, muscular, vertebral, etc.) whether recent (acute) or old (chronic).

He will also be able to help you in other areas of physiotherapy such as cardio-respiratory and neurological rehabilitation if your problem is related to these systems.


François is a member of the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ).


François is also authorized by the CNESST to treat patients who have suffered an accident at work.


The procedure to follow is:

CNESST (work accident): To start physiotherapy, you will need a medical prescription, a claim number provided by CNESST, and your health insurance number. Then you just need to make an appointment by phone or on the internet by choosing CNESST Physiotherapy Assessment. You don't have to pay anything, everything is taken care of by CNESST.


SAAQ (car accident): To begin physiotherapy, you will need a medical prescription and a file number provided by the SAAQ. You can send these documents to the physiotherapist by email ( or drop them off in person at the Clinic. A delay of two weeks may be necessary before the treatments are authorized, you can start prior to this delay by advancing the fees ($80 per session), otherwise, we will contact you once the treatments are authorized to make the first appointment. Each session will then be billed at a cost of $25.


For a private physiotherapy consultation: you can simply make an appointment online or by phone at 514 448 4174. You do not need a medical prescription.


Accepted payment methods: cash, cheque, Interac transfer.