Cliniqe Camélia,Hypnothérapie


The hypnotherapist or hypnologist is a guide in using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a way to access the unconscious in order to discover and release emotions or programming that can block us in our personal development. It is a brief accompaniment, in which the motto is liberation and search for solutions in accordance with the rhythm and integrity of the person. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool through which the person regains his or her inner power.

Hypnosis is taught among others at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and is used in several hospitals as an alternative to anesthesia. Its effectiveness is no longer to be proven and it allows to work also on phobias, self-confidence, anxiety relief... Furthermore, it is quite common for the hypnotherapist to work in a team with a psychotherapist or a doctor, because this discipline provides a beautiful complementarity.

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