Jessica Pelland

Jessica grew up in a reality punctuated by visits to physio and ergo; regularly called upon to listen to her body, its dead ends and its potential. His massage therapy approach translates into an intimate understanding of body pains as well as creativity and a fascination for tips - specific to each one - which lead to a relationship of well-being with his body.


Student in osteopathy since 2017 and eternal learner, she continues to develop her knowledge through various somatic and relational practices such as Feldenkrais, Focusing of the Internal Relationship, Core Energetics, practices of empathy (NVC) and sports training. .

What to expect from a massage with Jessica Pelland

She works WITH and WITHOUT oil depending on the type of tension to be addressed and the client's objective.

Her approach is always personalized and combines the following techniques:

  • Swedish ;

  • Integrated fasciatherapy / listening and relaxation of deep tissues;

  • Work on "trigger points" by neuro-muscular modulations;

  • Joint pumping and joint mobilization;


Your comments on speed, depth, sensitivity of treated areas, room temperature, comfort of your body on the table will always be welcome. They allow therapists to offer you a massage that meets your expectations, session after session.

So don't hesitate if you feel like it.