Ma Petite Clinique: A pediatric team

Find a paediatric team in a single location to accompany your child through school, pain or discomfort, stress or relationship problems facing family or friends.

What is "Ma Petite Clinique"?

Ma petite clinique is a pediatric therapeutic team in the paramedical field. It operates under the brand name Clinique Camélia.

Ma petite clinique is a group of therapists who are committed to helping children.


Its mission is to enable parents to find a majority of essential therapists in the same place for good development of the child.

No need to visit one clinic for a speech therapist and another clinic for psychoeducation, it's all right here!

Thanks to the collaboration within a specialized team, your child will be taken care of according to his or her needs.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our team.

Our pediatric team
  • Post-delivery birth accompaniment: (Domitille Dervaux/ Albertine Joffre Girard) 

  • Acupuncture: stress/fatigue/pain = with or without needle (Chantale Hausler)

  • Acupuncture: classic or therapeutic laser (Audrey Gendron)

  • Audiology: assessment and hearing consultation (Asma Mokrane)

  • Speech therapy: 0 to 5 years (Béatrice Dallard Chay)

  • Speech therapy: 6 to 20 years old (Caroline Proulx)

  • Osteopathy: stress/fatigue/pain (Benoit Champagne/Julie Crozier/ Claris Ribesse/Julie-Anne-proulx)

  • Physiotherapist: from 5/6 years old (François Delbecq)

  • Psychoeducation: behavioural problems at home and at school (Josée Labonté)

Clinique Camélia