Flat head at birth, a fall while walking, a sports injury, all these are reasons to consult a therapist and allow a better recovery of your child.


The pediatric service or "my little clinic" is a service entirely dedicated to children/adolescents.

If you want a therapist who offers care for a child, this is the department you should contact.

When to consult?

You can consult one of our therapists if your child has:

  • spoken or written language disorders

  • a problem with his homework, stuttering, voice problems, a hair on his tongue

  • behavior problems at school, behavior problems at home

  • concentration problems

  • back or neck pain, headaches, growing pains, stomach aches

  • if he or she is stressed/anxious, very active, or autistic

Our treatments and therapists in the pediatric field:

Accompaniment at birth post-delivery (Albertine Girard)

Acupuncture: stress/fatigue/pain = with or without needle (Chantale Hausler)

Audiology: assessment and hearing consultation (Asma Mokrane)

Speech Therapy

Osteopathy: stress/fatigue/pain (Benoit Champagne/Eve-Laure Thouillot/ Julie-Anne Proulx)

Physiotherapist: from 5/6 years old (François Delbecq)

Psychoeducation: behavioural problems at home and at school (Josée labonté)