Perinatality includes all the phases related to the birth of a child, from pregnancy to childbirth and the first weeks of life.

The perinatal service includes all therapists offering special services for fertility problems, pregnant women, perineal rehabilitation and newborns.

When to consult Perinatality?

You can consult one of our therapists if you have :

  • fertility problems (without medical cause)

  • hormonal problems

  • Gynaecological disorders, fibroids / endometriosis / polycystic ovaries (relieves symptoms and must be followed up by a gynaecologist)

  • pain during pregnancy (back pain, headaches, sciatica, pubalgia)

  • delivery by C-section

  • a difficult or too fast delivery

  • a baby with plagiocephaly (flat head), regurgitation, suction problems, difficulty sleeping on the back

  • sexual pain following childbirth

  • decreased libido, babyblues, postpartum depression

  • difficulty with your spouse following the arrival of your baby, perineal bereavement

Our treatments and our perinatal therapists:

Accompaniment at birth (Domitille Dervaux/Albertine Joffre Girard)

Acupuncture (Chantale Hausler)

Audiology (Asma Mokrane)

Osteopathy (Claris Ribesse, Benoit Champagne, Julie Crozier and Julie-Anne Proulx)

Physiotherapist from 6 years old ( François Delbecq)

Therapist in a helping relationship: perineal bereavement (Karine Lapointe)

Sexology (Catrine Beauséjour)