Clinique Camélia, Physiothérapie


Physiotherapy is a discipline that focuses on prevention and promoting health.


Using a personalized evaluation, the physiotherapist will draw up a list of problems and a treatment plan tailored to your recovery goals.

The main role is to help you recover your maximum of physical capacity while reducing your pain. To achieve this, there is a variety of treatment methods available, including manual techniques, exercises, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, and others.


Here are a few examples of problems that physiotherapy can help you with:

- Cervical and lower back pain

- Joint problems (osteoarthritis, dislocations, instability...)

- Shoulder pain

- Post-fracture and post-sprain rehabilitation

- Injuries related to the practice of sports activities

- Postural correction and scoliosis

- Work-related and traffic accidents

- Neurological problems (numbness, headaches...)

- Circulatory problems (edema)

Interventions focus on client self-responsibility and help clients develop the physical ability to perform activities of daily life, work, recreation and sports.


Remember to bring appropriate clothing to the session: shorts for the treatment of legs and lower back; women should bring a straitjacket for shoulder and neck problems.

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