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Reiki is a branch of traditional medicine that uses the body's natural energetic meridian and chakra systems. Traditional Japanese Reiki has similarities to acupuncture, acupressure, shamanism, tantric, and yogic practices. 

Ashley Gwyneth addresses how the mental, physical, emotional, and physical illnesses and symptoms are affecting the client's body and also takes into account long-term life struggles as well as current stressors and symptoms to help heal the past and present. 

Reiki is administered by a gentle placing of the practitioner's hands on the chakra and meridian points of the client's body.  Scalp and facial acupressure massage are also incorporated. This balancing creates conditions needed for the body's own healing system to function and helps to gain insight into your true whole being needs for health and wellness. 

A session provides immediate feelings of calm and relief much like a deep meditation (or a great nap!), as well as lasting improvements in the areas worked on. Simple mental exercises and tools are also given after each session so the client can stay connected to their healing when out in the world.

Ashley Gwyneth focuses on these areas in her practice and welcomes all concerns:

Managing life with chronic illness

Stress management

Anxiety and depression


Life transitions

Weight management and body image

Energetic meditation:

Guided energetic meditation is excellent for both beginners and advanced students as this class uses a journeying method with simple breathwork techniques to various scenes such as the tree of life and under the sea. 

Students are guided to see their own colours, people, and messages during their journey which can give powerful insight into your subconscious mind and source.

Lying down or seated, each student receives Reiki during the class which helps to deepen the meditation.

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