Exercise and a good diet help to stay healthy.

Do not forget that stretching is important.

The sports department is responsible for all people who come for sports-related pain or anyone who regularly engages in sports activities.

It also includes nutritional advice.

When to consult?

You can consult one of our therapists if you have:

  • tendonitis, bursitis, high muscle tension,

  • back/neck/shoulder/elbow/knee pain,

  • knee and ankle sprains, muscle cramps, muscle sprains.

  • need for dietary evaluation

  • the need for nutrition for an top athlete

  • need to build muscle mass (diet)

Our treatments and therapists for adults:

Acupuncture (Chantale Hausler)

Massage therapy (Albertine J. Girard)

Nutrition (Cynthia Chabot)

Osteopathy : (Julie-Anne Proulx/Benoit Champagne/Julie Crozier/ Claris Ribesse)

Physiotherapist (François Delbecq)