At the clinic or at home

Find a pediatric team in one place that will accompany your child during the school process, his or her pain or discomfort, stress or relationship problems with family or friends at the Clinic or at home.

From birth, the baby is subject to its first constraints: a difficult birth, separation from the mother, the use of forceps or complicated breastfeeding.


Afterwards, the child learns to walk, falls, hits himself or herself, becomes stressed by a sometimes busy schedule or simply has language difficulties.


For all these reasons, it is important to have early care so that the child can have the best possible physical and psychological development.

The Clinic is gradually developing its in-home services.

A practical solution for those who are unable to travel.

Its services will be offered only in the following area:

  • La Petite-Patrie

  • Rosemont

  • Villeray

  • Mile End


You are a therapist and you would like to join our team in order to offer your services at home.

Write to us at

In-home services: