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Supportive therapy

Supportive Therapy is a support and accompaniment intervention. Its approach is based on human relationships. The strength of this therapy is to enable you to work on the sufferings and difficulties you are experiencing at the present moment. This allows you to develop relational strategies in order to reach the satisfaction of your needs as well as to explore your resources. 


The therapy focuses on the power of the present moment. The supportive therapist will help you find concrete ways and means to alleviate your present suffering. He will also help you to get to know yourself better, identify and name what you are experiencing, and understand what is going on in your relationships.


The goal of the supportive therapy is to help the individual regain power in all aspects of life, to improve relational strategies, to improve the way to interact with others,  to be guided towards a better well-being and more harmony in life. The therapist's observations and interventions will guide you towards an inner transformation and towards the resolution of your specific problems.


You will be listened to in a warm therapeutic space without judgment and you will be free to express yourself with confidence. The therapist is a member of the International Corporation of Helping Relationship Therapists of Canada (CITRAC) and is bound by a code of ethics and deontology that protects the public. The corporation ensures that its members continue to be trained annually, are supervised and professional.


The difference between counselling and psychotherapy :


What sets supportive therapy apart from psychotherapy is the fact that its goal is not psychological treatment (treatment of the mental disorder, psychological distress, behavioral disturbances), etc.

The main focus is not the work on the past, on the elements repressed in the unconscious, or on the rigidified zones in the psyche. When the individual needs to go back to the past, to his/her childhood to dig into the unconscious, we speak of psychotherapy. Supportive Therapy focuses on the power of the present moment and on exploring your resources, which will allow you to find the tools necessary to overcome your present difficulties. The focus is on what you are experiencing in the here and now, and your current difficulties.

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